Before and After

The kitchen pass bar: a common clutter magnet. We created a command center by corralling essentials into two wall-mounted organizers. By moving the tissue box from the far end of the counter, the whole space is visually opened and no longer attracts clutter!


This dedicated sewing area had become a catch-all in the corner of the master bedroom. Not only was it an eyesore, but because the surface was so overflowing with stuff, it was no longer functional. After sorting and organizing, there is now space for all the essentials and then some, plus a clear work surface to boot!


Tool Storage Before

Tool Storage After

This homesteader had a lot of tools, but no dedicated way to store them. We solved the problem by wall-mounting them on the interior and exterior of this out-building. Sharp tools are out of reach of the children, and now that everything has a home, no one has to wonder “where did I leave that shovel”?


Organizing doesn’t have to take a lot of time or require additional purchases when you work with a professional. Both of these client closets held craft items and other household supplies. Each one took less than 3 hours to sort through the chaos, organize for easy access, and label containers they already had on hand. Having a clear plan is an important step, and sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes to see the potential in your space. Completed projects like these are so rewarding, not just for the client, but for me too!