The Organizing Process

  • We’ll start with an assessment, to discuss your needs and goals.
    There may be a specific area of your home you are looking to organize, or it could be an entire system overhaul. This initial visit will get us on the same page.
  • Next, I will create a personalized plan that we will use as a road map to meeting your goals.
    If you’d like, you can follow this plan on your own, but many clients prefer to schedule additional sessions based on the time estimate provided during the assessment.
  • Working together, we will decide what needs to stay and what can go. Then we will find a proper home for everything.
    Reducing the items that no longer serve you is an important step, and a professional organizer can help where you may have gotten stuck in the past.
  • Finally, we implement an organizational system that fits your needs and lifestyle.
    Buying a lot of organizing supplies does not make you more organized, and often, the tools you need are already in your home, it just takes a fresh look to determine their best use.
  • Later, I’ll check in with you to see how the new system is working.
    Have you been able to maintain that sense of calm and relief you felt when you first got organized?


Assessment and Personalized Plan

1-2 hoursSucculents Square

The initial visit includes a walk through of your home, where we will discuss trouble spots and any specific struggles you have had in the past with organizing and simplifying. This visit is also a chance for us to get acquainted  with each other as we set your goals for getting organized.

Along the way, I will take notes, offer tips and techniques that can make an immediate difference, and come up with a plan of action including approximate time frames for each area we tour.


Working Sessions

3+ hours

Creating  plan is one thing, but actually getting in there and doing the work can feel overwhelming. I’ll provide hands on help to organize your space, following the process above and your personalized plan.

I like to schedule blocks of 3-4 hours for focused work so we can build our momentum without getting burnt out.


Rates and Packages

7007618368_ae3ff34242_kHourly rate: $50

15 hour package: $675 (10% discount)

30 hour package: $1200 (20% discount)

Payment is due at time of service. Packages are not retroactive and must be paid in full to receive discount pricing.